1.      They protect themselves
One of the toughest veneers of successful people is the sense of self worth – you can see it almost a mile away. Ever wondered why – they have internalized it so deeply into their being that its nearly impossible to separate this trait from the person they are. No matter what life throws at them, they have this Teflon ability to persevere.  

2.      They take risks
When people typically move back or away from unfamiliar situations, Successful people are at the front of the line going in the other direction. These people you know who are constantly learning new things, taking on “impossible” projects and redefining themselves.

3.      They seek results
When most people don’t get the results they had hoped for usually, retreat is baked into their DNA. On the other hand when you know whatever you do will yield results, Starting from there is the way they approach any project. Whether it’s a home improvement project or running that triathlon or building a new vertical at the office, they are always aware! Results will give them a real time gauge of their next steps.

4.      Failure isn’t an option
Years ago I came across a simple yet powerful maxim – there is no FAILURE, only FEEDBACK. It did take me a while to breathe it into my life but looking at life through this lens helps them constantly grow no matter what the results.

5.      Goal posts are moving constantly
While most people look for goals and try really hard to achieve them, be it of the new years kind or more serious nature, they tend to hit road blocks very easily. Achieving substance then becomes an arduous task. Successful people have figured out that building not just Big goals but having very specific goal posts along the way. Keeping them in the game regardless of the negative” feedback they are getting helps them be their best and strive to achieve more and more.   
Over the last decade plus I've been asking myself this question again and again. And ever so often i get the same answer – cos’ its difficult. Think of a surgeon operating on himself or herself. Most people would never find themselves in this position. Its easier to head to the hospital and willingly or unwillingly give of oneself to the professional. 

And once we are under, we let them take care of the necessary details that you know they are trained in. This is the basis of making life changes when there is no real fire under the bum, gun to the head or tiger chasing us. For all practical purposes, we don’t really need to change – whether its our own behaviour with our spouse, family or even friends. They accept” us or worse yet tolerate us till we get unbearable J therein lies the firing pin that is missing to make changes willingly and well before we need” to.

It’s only a rare breed who sees the need to change their lives and want to make the change stick. They are willing to go and keep going till they get the results they know they had plotted in their internal devices. And till they get the results they are unwilling to stop, NO MATTER WHAT!
Which brings me to the other half of this breed – what do they do when they finally feel the pan heating up, can almost taste the shrillness of the constant rebuke and know that they must” change. They being with all true intentions but like a lot of us around March or maybe the second week of Jan realise its easier to sit in front of the TV, droning out the voices that got them to take action in the first week. The images are looking dull and static probably – and they wonder where all the motivation” has gone!

Wouldn’t you want to build a system have a tool bag, a quick heal puncture kit to put the spring back in before it becomes a task again to rise up. Pick the voices, of the goosebump variety, seeing meself out there waking up daily before the alarm rings and slipping comfortably into shoes, drinking that coffee and hitting the road.        

Working with people teaching them how to clear their own minds, refresh and make a fresh start. These are my meanderings quite often while I’m out cycling through the day that was and the one to come... 

      Confession 1. Those who live in glass houses

If you’re going to live in a glass house remember to step out and give it a thorough cleaning. Sometimes all that’s required for the lens to be cleaned is to take the time and give the facade a thorough scrub. Speaking of minds, it’s easy to get clarity when you make it a regular practice to scan and wipe away the fog. What’s amazing is that making good habits can make all the difference.    
      Confession 2. That time of the month

When working through is it completely necessary to have had the same experience. In my experience it is equally possible to be as effective in helping a woman to deal with the upheaval triggered by her hormones, the role she has been deemed by society and her own response to. What was that they say about chefs...

1.     Find a professional accountability partner
Finding a friend isn’t always the best option for you to get the change you want. If you are really serious about succeeding in having the change you want in your life, beat the norm and hire a dedicated professional to help you make plans that are custom built for you. She or he will be able to show you How to adopt the new strategies as well as change your beliefs that were standing in your way in the past.

2.     Learn HOW to..
It’s not enough to have someone who will help you spot in the gym or motivate you to want to change your life. You need be able to learn HOW to make these changes so that in the future you can take control of making these changes in allied areas of your life now and more importantly in the future. What you are looking for is a system that will be yours to use even when you don’t have external help.

3.      Allow for feedback not failure
Every time you take a step toward making the change a reality there is a very high chance that you will fail or suffer a setback – what’s important is that you design a plan that takes care of these contingencies when they happen. Every time you work on your relationship or make a move to lose weight, you might not get the result you wanted – this is the feedback that you use to design your next move. Word to the wise – there is no failure and only Feedback.     

4.      Dream in immersive Technicolor
When I first decided to become fit and make endurance my mantra, I chose a really big dream goal – proceed then to flood your mind with pictures, videos, screen savers, everywhere you look, they reflect back the change you seek. The mind mimics the imagery you’ve fed it.    

5.      Practice congruent habits with the change you want
Find as many habits you can that are in sync with the change you seek – doing something, even if it’s one thing makes the difference when you consider cumulative success. Every kilometre run, mile cycled and conversation had vs. avoiding what you want will add up when you look back in 3-6 months. In fact most often when you look back at the end of the week you’ll surprise yourself.  

6.      Teach the change you want
There’s something quite fascinating that happens when you decide to teach willing friends, acquaintances & family what you’ve learnt. Every strategy that you’ve culled, read, tested and experienced for yourself grows ten-fold as you simplify it for willing recipients who are ready to begin their own personal journey of growth and discovery.

7.      Plan for the future consistently
If there’s one secret that’s most potent, then let it be this – always ensure that you keep checking in with yourself and the change you’ve set a foot. Every time you get closer the more life you extend to you will give yourself the chance to not only achieve what seemed impossible until recently but more importantly you will have the opportunity to build a new life taking you places.  

                                                             1. You’ve looked everywhere for answers
People know you are searching and what makes this even more frustrating is that you know you are ready to change but can’t seem to find that extra edge to experience success. You know there is someone out there who can teach you the methods to be able to get past your own limitations. Instead of how can I change you know in your gut It’s now only a matter of when.  

2. Your tired of failing
You’ve taken every course out there and read every book you can find but when it comes to doing it on your own every time you begin to succeed and then things fall apart. You are now convinced it’s not what you’ve chosen but how your brain seems to keep going back into old thought patterns, beliefs and what you think isn’t possible.  

3. You know that people find success when they associate with successful people
In all your research you’ve found that the common thread to personal success is when people work with other professionals who have dedicated their lives to success. It finally dawns on you that you too can have your version of that success with doing what they do.  

4. You accept you cannot be accountable to your self
After all the many times you’ve tried, failed and tried again, looking at what you see in the mirror you’ve taken that final step in acknowledging that it’s you that has been the reason for failure in following through. And the real truth is that you know now that when you get a professional somebody in your corner to help you design a plan, make changes in your own thought process and find the deep enough reasons to succeed the rest is the journey that got you started in the first place.    

5. You want a professional to give you that push
You’ve spoken to your friend ever so often, feel better but before you know it your back to doing the same old things that hold you back, keep you stuck and unable to have the happiness you know you deserve. After looking at how other people have turned that corner you know it’s your turn now..